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Alright i just wanted to start out by saying hello to everyone out there. Anyways im a newish smoker, ive only been lighting up for the last few months and was wondering what you guys would recomend for a round of golf. I tend to prefer a mild to medium bodied smoke but would be willing to try something a little stronger. Thanks - Nic


  • vankleekkwvankleekkw Posts: 404
    My favorite Golf Cigar is a 5 Vegas Classic Torpedo.  Will last you about 9 holes, is cheap in price, and good flavors.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    cusano 18 churchill. these sticks taste good. they are consistant. they dont have burn problems. need i say more?
  • HardspotHardspot Posts: 24
    right on, sounds like a plan ill have to pick up a couple of each on my next payday. - Nic
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    Big fan of either camancho 1962 or romeo y julieta viejo...I would recommend them to 'newish' smokers and seasoned palates alike....great medium smokes with good flavors....pick up the bigger sizes so they will last longer on the course.....might checkout cigar.com's accessories and get the cigar clip :D its handy
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