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My Humi does not keep its humidity

hoffpahoffpa Posts: 14
My humi is completely sealed and holds about 30 cigars. Iv been having the problem though that its too warm and not enough humidity. After i season the humi it stays pretty constant at 68% with two of the humi pillows in it but after 2 weeks or so after re wiping it down it just drops down to high 50's. Im not sure what the problem is and why it does that. To fix the temp i moved it to the basement and hopefully that will keep it a little cooler. I also have a third problem with what seems to only be the cigar.com brands. I bough a sampler and those seem too wet where my other cigars (5vegas and so on) are good, iv heard that cheaper cigars soak up more of the moister and do you think that is why i can't keep my humidity the same.

Thanks guys


  • dan7876dan7876 Posts: 47
    You may just have to overcompensate a little, depending on the season (and your location) it can be tough to keep the humidity up (or down). Where I live the humidity is higher in the summer and WAY down in the winter, so I have to check in more often to compensate accordingly. Don't think the brands make a difference in humidity retention - I have $1 cigars next to $25 cigars and they respond equally, as far as I know. Pillows are not a long-term solution. You can use them for multiple weeks, but you must recharge them with distilled water at least once a week or they'll drop down fast, as you've mentioned experiencing. Heartfelt beads work great for me, if you're coming out low on the RH I'd go for the 70% beads...I use 65% beads and just have to check in and maybe charge them every two weeks or so, depending on the season. Best of luck!
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    cheaper hand made premiums dont soak up more humidity than expensive ones.

    do you live in AZ? (or some desert? ) usually, in my region, the RH goes UP in the summer. IF you live out there and the ambient humidity hovers aroun4-5% or something crazy like that i would really recommend a wine fridge or a cooler.

    also make sure that you have your humidor more than half full. cigars themselves help regulate humidity.
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