Seeking a Cheapies for Cheapies Trade

Hey fellow cheapskates, let's make a deal.

What I have a lot of:

- El Mejor
- Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo
- Imperiales Connecticut

Some of bargain bin smokes I'm actually seeking (but not limited to):

- Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee
- Flor De Oliva (Sumatra or Maduro)
- Arganese Maduro
- Arganese Nicaraguan
- Tierra Del Sol Maduro
- Don Lino Maduro
- Don Jose Maduro
- Nicaraguan 90+ rated 2nds
- Nestor Miranda 2nds Maduro
- Signature Collection Maduro
- Famous Honduran 5000
- Famous Nicaraguan 5000
- Famous Nicaraguan 1000 Maduro
- Red Label

I'm interested in making as large a trade as possible, 20 sticks at least.
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