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Partagas Black torpedo

I was really amazed by this cigar.The Partagas Black torpedo has a coal black, very oily velvety wrapper with almost invisible seams.It is well packed ,firm and nicely heavy,the draw is firm,giving sweet,earthy flavors and the rich taste of well cured tobaccos.The cap is perfect,and the cut is clean and even.
The first third is full of rich aromas,there are hints of coffee,bold leather and cocoa flavors,hints of white pepper and cedary aromas,with low notes of caramel.The range of flavors is surprising and complex,very impressive.
The second third produces a big leathery essence,creamy notes,cedar and cinnamon aromas,a firm lingering finish with notes of white pepper.The burn is slightly uneven,not a surprise in a vitola this size,it is self correcting.
The final third is much more intense,very tasty notes of caramel and cocoa,firm cedar and brown sugar aromas followed by deep tobacco and leathery notes on the palate.The flavors are very big and full for a Partagas,full bodied and rich,definately the fullest body Partagas I have ever had.The burn was very good throughout,needing no touchups.I would strongly recommend ageing these,they will surely be wonderful after a time,be patient and the rewards will worth it.I rate this little marvel 8 out of 10 strength, 18.5 of 20 overall
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