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Blind five anyone? *Filled*

RobIsSweetRobIsSweet KirtlandPosts: 266 ✭✭
Been away for from the forums for a bit just lurking here and there. Looking to get my feet wet with a blind 5 medium priced. Pm me if your up for it!


  • VisionVision Posts: 3,849 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Damn man.... I absolutely would have 3 days ago. I just popped on the Make A Wish and one with "The Warm Month". If you want to PM me with what youre looking to try I can see if I can swing it.
  • RobIsSweetRobIsSweet KirtlandPosts: 266 ✭✭
    not really looking for anything, just looking to get back into the forums :D
  • I got some in your want list if your feeling a trade
  • RobIsSweetRobIsSweet KirtlandPosts: 266 ✭✭
    Pm to you cigar
  • Gaetano7890Gaetano7890 NYPosts: 800 ✭✭✭
    So I made this blind 5 with Rob and he sent me some of my favorites with some nice age on them. Photobucket
  • RobIsSweetRobIsSweet KirtlandPosts: 266 ✭✭
    Got my half of the "5" also today, looks like neither of us can count :P Looking forward to trying these out!

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