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No one is safe from Rail Jockey

Not even the kids!

One mention of my son's obsession with trains and RJ pm's me for my address. Below is the devastation. In true forum fashion he couldn't put something in the mail without including cigars so be took out me and my son at once. I can't wait to set fire to those smokes!

My wife and I were truly humbled by this. The giving nature of this forum never ceases to amaze me. My son was so excited about the gifts he couldn't talk straight. There is nothing better for a father than to see that in his son's eyes and I thank you for that sir. You're a true stand-up botl. PS payback is hell.

The hat was worn out to dinner with his friends so he could show it off tonight. We "read" the calendar instead of a book as I laid him down to sleep, then I had to pry the badge out of his hand before he dozed off.

Excellent smokes for daddy!


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