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humidity low

I got a small humidor that I use to let sticks that i want to hold on to rest. I just reseasoned the humidor and I have brand container with the gel that is to keep the humidity in the 70's. two weeks later the humidity level is 56 and my sticks are dry and the gel is still full. I don't understand.


  • brianetz1brianetz1 Posts: 4,134 ✭✭✭
    I'm a noob, but here is what i know.

    it takes at least 7-10 days to season a humidor before you can put your sticks in there.

    I bumped a thread that catfish made about seasoning that really helped me out. you don't have to use kitty litter, when you hear him say kitty litter just substitute your gel container.

    your other option is to go get a Boveda seasoning packet and follow the directions on the back.

    What it sounds like is that the wood in your humidor wasn't seasoned enough and is till drawing all the available humidity out of anything it can find (including your sticks)

    I got a small humidor (20 ct) and it took it 8 days with a wipe season, distilled water in a tray for 5 days, then for the final 3 days i put in the 70 boveda packet....on the 9th day i put in 10 sticks to see what it did to the humidity and it dropped to 68 for a day, but then got back to 70 the next day.
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    It might just be your climate sometimes when it gets real cold outside you may have to add more humidification. I had to do this during a cold snap we had fora few days but once it ended I had to take the extra out when the humidity got to 75. Now it's back to holding 67-69. Was your humi dried out when you reseasoned it? You may not have given it enough time. If your cigars were dry when you put them in they may be drawing all the moisture if this is the case bring up your humidity slowly.
  • I wiped it down for a 5 days and let the digital device in 3 days later said 76% so I thought it should be good. I took my sticks out today and put a cup of distilled water in it and going to let it sit for a week and see if that helps. It's just the small humidor that is giving me problems. I have a bigger one and it is 69F/72% so that humidor I'm ok. I used one of those seasoning packets too but It is kind of 3 years old. I'm sure it is no good now. I had it in a ziplock bag to keep it sealed up.
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    T he cup of distilled for a few days should do the trick. It sounds like maybe you have poor seals around the lid, so check those for leaks with a flashlight or dollar bill test. I live in the same area and have to put cups of distilled in my humis in the winter to maintain 68rh, its just dry in the winter. Side note, its nice to see new members that live close to me. I'm about 50 minutes away.
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