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Torano Master Narural Robusto

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Most of what I read on the innernet pertains to a Torano Master with a red band. That appears to be a different stick. It's a madura stick. This, with the yellow band, appears to be a natural stick.

A nice dark glossy habano wrapper. At the foot, you can see what looks like seco circling round a ligero center. Firm construction throughout. Not much aroma, because it was boxed without a cello for two months. Not much taste either. There's a darn good draw right through the cap; though I couldn't find where it was leaking. Not much odor at the foot; but what there was, leather, spice, black pepper.

Uncapped quickly. Full flowing draw. Black pepper and leather. Sparked up quick with one match toasting the foot. Immediately, I got a full on mouthful of flavor. Thick thick smoke. Tasty. Black pepper, spice, and tons of leather. Lots of cigars, you have to let them rest a couple minutes after lighting, let them burn in, before the smoke smooths out mellow. Not here. Full on mellow with loads of flavor. Had a soft leather finish in the back of my throat. Has a long lasting spice retro. Spice hung in my head. Burn was slow enough; but the ash fell short. Had to keep this thing in the ashtray cause I never knew when it would fall. I walked out to fetch more firewood; and when I returned, the room was full of fine aroma.

It died after an hour and a quarter. Still had plenty stick left. There was too much spice hanging in my nose for me to sniff any stink finger the rest of the night. Had a spicy morning mouth and a phlegmy wheeze.

I love Toranos. Four and a half out of five stars. Good enough to go look for more.

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  • blurrblurr Posts: 962 ✭✭
    I need to grab some of these next shopping excursion. I'm a huge torano fan and my friend raves about the Master maduros. Great review keep them coming, always love the blade and stogie pics.
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