Smokin with the A-Team!

I've been watching some old A-Team episodes the last couple of weeks out here in Iraq. Who knows what kind of Cigar Colonel Smith smokes? Just curious. I love to sit back and relax to a couple episodes of the A-Team and smoke a good stog with Smith and the gang. I'd forgotten how funn B.A. was. Tonight is the C.A.O Gold Churchill. Hoping myHoyos and Madurros get here soon. Damn military postal service is so inconsiderate sometimes.


  • jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 468
    I got about 50 cigars Id like to offload to a good cause, I have heard of programs where you can send gift packages to soldiers over there, how would I go about sending a package like that over there so yall can have a relaxing evening on me?
  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    Where in Iraq are you at? I am in Iraq also. I'm at Camp Taji normally, but right now I'm at FOB War Eagle. I hear what you're saying about the mail. Especially where I'm at now, it takes an extra 4 days over Taji to get here at a minimum. As far as sending stuff to the troops, there are a few organizations that you might be able to send them through, like or Look them up. They usually have lists with soldiers names and addresses and what they can use and such. Finding a cigar lover might be a lil more difficult though. I'm sure that mikalsan would be more than willing to send his address to you for some. Or if he doesn't, I have a few people from my battalion that I could link you up with their addresses.
  • jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 468
    already got cigars on the way to miksalan!
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