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Calibrate your hygrometer!

camgfscamgfs Posts: 968
I use digital hygrometers and love them, but when the battery dies, things can go wrong. I recently replaced 2 batteries and just stuck them back into the humidors. A couple days latter and one is reading 89% RH and the other is 49%RH. WHAT?
I switched them and they were both way off again.

Moral of the story is to make sure you calibrate them. Do the "Salt Test" and make sure to wait at least 12 hours. The most important step is if they have a "reset" button, make sure to press it when you put the hygro in whatever container/ziplock with the salt. They may climb way up, but after 12 hours they will be reading accurately. If they don't read 75%, make a note and adjust for the difference.

Just google "salt test for hygrometer" and you will find loads of pages on how to do it, BUT DO IT!

Turns out that my main humidors are a little on the low side, but well within reason. The bad readings after changing the batterie were simply due to not calibrating, but could have been a real problem if I was trying to balance the RH rather than recalibrating.
I know this subject comes up often and I thought it was time for a reminder. Spring is comming and that could bring changes in RH.

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