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C&C Corojo

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Well, we survived the snowquester just fine, here in Dull-Aware. It was a week of hype and hysteria followed by a sunny day. Couple of flakes the size of dandruff, and that's all we got. Today, we're going to see the upper fifties. And this is good, because Bearswatter, by which well-earned cognomen I mean the redhead who has the privilege of laundering my skid marks, is getting sick and tired of my smoking beside the hearth. The worst of her ire arrived last night in the form of a C&C Corojo robusto. Smelled wonderful. But thick? Oh my gawd. Smoke thick as a tire fire.

Scored a C&C threefer at the B&M for like eight bucks beside the bargain bin. This was the first of the three I sparked. Fired up the hearth, lit the anti-stink candle they sold me at the B&M, and pulled it out to inspect. The shape was just a bit lumpy. The wrapper seams could have been tighter. It was fairly firm throughout, though near the head it seemed stiff. But the cap was the main construction flaw. It was shaped flat across the head, with some hard lumps, and the round cap itself was much too small to lay over the edges. It smelled fine, of barn and spice. Tasted sour, though. The band was unprepossessing at best. Looks better in the pic than in the flesh. A dry wrapper. Coarse veins. Thick and strong.


When I uncapped it, I removed a wad, rather than a cap. Under the wad was more leaf edges wadded over. Removing them got me dangling shreds. I tell you guys, I have capped sticks better that this myself. Yes, I have.

But it drew freely. And here was where the nutmeg kicked off, in the unlit draw. Delicious. I fired this spicy sotweed with just one match toasting the foot. ... And BLAM ... I got punched by a fat gutload of nutmeg right then and there. Thick clouds of dangling smoke so heavy they just hung, not rising, creeping slowly toward the hearth. Loads of flavoriciousness. A meaty smoke. Like eating nrie by the shovel. One part spice, one part barn, and back up the big truck full of nutmeg. Clean finish. Powerful nutmeg retro not a bit too dry or sneezy. Tell you, I like this smoke. And a good Anejo rum was the perfect complement to it. It's just, so much of it, so thick, you can't believe so much thick smoke could come out of such a petite cylinder. Such a besotting sotweed that when I got up to pee, I staggered.

About forty five minutes later, my tongue was actually numb, from all the flavor. Lost my lips, too. Bearswatter had left the room cause she could not take it. She had lost that white bichon which passes for her dog in the smudge, had to follow the sound of crunching kibble so as not to step on her. Yes, brothers, I'll be smoking outside this evening. Weather is breaking just in time. We have brunch scheduled with the beemer group today. Brunch is lunch for the crowd who curl up their little finger. Not enough cholesterol in brunch to properly nourish. But girls like it. I'll make it up to her there.

Stick lasted about an hour and a quarter. I had soaked so much nutmeg into my nose and mouth, not to speak of the way I had smoked up the room, that I truly cannot report whether it yielded good stinkfinger or not. But I can say I yearned for french toast this morning and you wouldn't have to sprinkle anything on it. A slight constriction, but not enough to call wheeze.

I rate this three and a half stars. I think this stick is only a skillful roller away from earning another star and doubling the price. But if you fire one, fire it outdoors.

“It has been a source of great pain to me to have met with so many among [my] opponents who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)


  • RhamlinRhamlin WVPosts: 7,443 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aside from the construction sounds like a solid Corojo they can really deliver up some intense flavor. Have to keep an eye out for one or two.
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