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Garo Double Habano robusto

webmostwebmost Posts: 7,713 ✭✭✭✭✭
I scored a handful of these in a swap with Drew, cause I like habano, and this promised double habano. Besides, how can you resist a stick named for a stubby Armenian super bowl place kicker? Us old timers remember Garo playing without a face mask ... that is, until Ray Nitschke laid into him and whacked him out. Best story about Garo is when he started the coach told him everyone will be gunning for a little soccer player from Armenia, so once you kick, head for the sidelines. First game, he kicked off, and ran to the wrong side.


This stick is neat as a pin.
Short, at 4 3/4". Obviously blackwashed. But I really dig the bands, two toned bronze and all. Perfect dome shape to the head, tight capped. Not soft, but had some give near the foot. You can distinguish the dark ligero and lighter seco swirling round in the foot:
They certainly didn't accordion this filler. The wrapper had a distant unidentifiable odor and no flavor. The foot smelt just a touch of wood. It had a soapy feel in my mouth.

Then as soon as I popped the cap, the wrapper wanted to unwind. Had to lick it down.

Took two matches to light up. medium tight. But just thick creamy wood and nut. No bite, no sour, Not the world's best habano; but certainly a decent smoke. Had a real clean finish. Mild wood retro. Just enough bitter to be entertaining, like the role that hops plays in beer.

Was tough to keep it burning, though. Burnt seriously uneven. At one pint, I had to cut the canoe off and relight the part that wasn't burning. Almost like I'd laid it down in a drop of water; but I didn't. Lasted a creditable hour and a quarter. Nothing complex. Not weak either.

Left me with a faint stinkfinger. No morning mouth. No wheeze.

I give this three solid stars out of five. If you like habano and you need a garage gar, this is a good candidate.

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  • RhamlinRhamlin Posts: 8,873 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Mmm bummer I was hoping for a little better review on this one. I love Habanos and I've been thinking long and hard about these. Well maybe if I catch them super cheap on a bid I might give em a try. Something to bring to the boat.
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