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Don Lino Africa

Had a Don Lino Africa Churchill today - Sweet nuts and milk in the beginning of the first third, fading completely by the mid-point of the first third. This was replaced by a very mild honey-like sweetness with no other characteristics until past the half-way point. The beginning of the final third say the sweetness accompanied by a gradually-building spiciness that reached medium-ish levels towards the end - the nut flavor also reappeared towards the very end. At various points over the course of the cigar, an ashy, dirty flavor would appear on just the periphery of perception briefly and then fade away again.

Not worth $8.50, in my opinion (which is what I paid at a brick-and-mortar store; it's likely cheaper online). Also, despite the mild flavor of this blend, the nicotine content was HIGH. It left me reasonably ill for an hour or two.
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