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Big hit from Bigshizza!!!!!

I am left completely devastated by a very generous hit by Bigshizza!!! Thank you sir for your generosity. I just got home a few minutes ago and am still watching debris fall from the ceiling. I did snap a photo and will try to post it hopefully soon. Sorry I cannot post the pic right now. I am pretty tired and need some rest and am having problems posting the pic. I have a tech savy friend that can help me. I'm not so good at posting pics. I am a musician playing in 3 working projects and am on call to record with a good buddy of mine. I also do fill in work with a touring band occasionally. Friday I received an email from my casino band with new material to learn and had a meeting with the band leader to go over revamping the current promo pack. I got a message from my recording buddy saying "time to do drum tracks here is some more material how soon can we make this happen? Saturday the leader my acoustic project wanted me to meet with my graphic artist to talk about spiffing up the band logo. I've had four very full days and have many more to come. Busy hands are happy hands The best part was the hit. Thanks Bigshizza!! Can't wait to enjoy them!!


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