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great service and super deals and excellent cigars

What can I say but fantastic.

I have been a cigar fan and smoke at least once a day sometimes more

Cigar.Com is customer focused and offers a great selection.

The daily specials are worth buyng every day as long as my credit card can take it  lol

I have never shared this with anyone so here goes.....

My top 5 list in my life.....

1. my four sons ages 35, 33, 18, 16 (couldn't make a girl so I changed women,lol)


3. work is FUN,, does help to pay for the cigars

4. okay my wife and partner who does not like those awfull sticks

5. my mother where it all started


just remember it is more than the smoke, it is the taste, the smell, the feeling, and smoke it to the nub...lol

best wishes



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