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Humi-Care Pillow Question

BldMakBldMak Posts: 1
Just recieved my first batch of Cigars tonight and they came with the Humi-Care pillows.. the pillows came in a plastic bag with a couple of holes at the top.. after soaking the pillows in distilled water, do I put it back in the plastic bag it came in and then put that in the cigar bag or do i just place it loose with the cigars in the cigar bag. How long do the Humi bags last. should I invest in humidor ..


  • plaidbanana1plaidbanana1 Posts: 187
    I would definately put them back in the plastic bag because i wouldnt take a chance of getting gel on my cigars. If you plan on sticking around you should certainly invest in a humidor.
  • bigj51bigj51 Posts: 52
    i believe they last 60-90 days
  • Renaissance_ManRenaissance_Man Posts: 972
    The pillows are great - some people have used them up for a year without any complaints. It is a marketing gimmick they do when they market them saying they last 1-2 months ;)! They last longer! Its the same material used in other stuff... Anyway - that said - you should ALWAYS keep it in the bag. You can redip them in distilled water when they dry out. And definitely get a humidor! You can even get a simple 20 count for like $15... It will pay off, trust me! ;)
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