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Infused Cigars with non infused.

I have a question for those that are more familiar with infused cigars than I. I placed several Isla Del Sol cigars on my regular humidor without thinking anything about it. After a couple days, I realized what I had done and pulled them out and put them in a ziplock bag with a boveda pack. My question is this. Will that amount of time exposed to infused cigars do anything to my regular cigars or my humidor?


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    Open your humidor and smell. Does it smell like the Isla's? Couple days will likely not have any negative results at all... I keep a few tabak especial red eye's in with everything else, in their cello's, and wrapped in plastic. They keep their aroma to themselves and I have noticed no lingering smell or taste from them in the humidor.

    It's not like they have the plague. I think infused sticks get overhyped about ruining other sticks. If you have only a few and keep em in their cello's and in a separate baggie, there is nothing to worry about, and a couple of days mixed in with everything else is nothing to worry about.
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