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CVM Rosa Cuba Angels

This is a min-review for a mini-cigar! I intentionally didn’t bother with a video of this stick, never intending a review, because every single mini cigar I have had was quite frankly garbage. They burned short and hot, had one-dimensional flavors, and got harsh and nasty after 10 min. I had a early morning shoot today and knew I would have an hour of wait time outdoors, so I grabbed this stick to occupy some time. This stick was received FREE from CVM Cigars as part of their 6 free cigar giveaway (see here for details) several months ago. OK on to the smoke! This is a 4.5×38 mini version of the Rosa Cuba line. Well, after cutting and toasting I was SHOCKED in all regards. First of all, it drew and burned just like a full size stick. It was simply the same, in all regards, to a full size stick, just a shorter duration. The smoke stayed cool, in fact cooler than most full size of any brand! It had one flavor transition at the 1/2 way point, going from sweet wood with a big pepper finish to a super creamy nuts with a spicy finish. The kicker? It lasted 45 min!! It also put off more rich, voluminous smoke, than I’d say 75% of the full size sticks I have reviewed thus far. Truly impressive. I will be ordering a bundle of these RIGHT away, because when I want a 30-45 min smoke, it’s a blast! They are also less than $1 ea. sold in bundles of 20. A GREAT DEAL!
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