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Venting my frustations!

So as some of you know my father just underwent his second surgery within the year to remove another tumor that reformed in the part of his right lung they didn't remove. So I took a Sunday off work to go down and visit him and stay Sunday night and most of Monday as the club I work at is closed Monday. I needed to cut the grass Sunday before I left so I woke up and got that underway... Not 4 passes in my tractor takes a s**t and I had to finish the rest of my 2 acre yard with a $99 non assisted push mower... haha good thing I'm young! So I waited for my girlfriend to get home and we left around 8pm. The trip there was fairly uneventful. We arrived to my dads house in Pittsburgh around 11pm. Hung out and had a nice time with the family then went to bed around 3 am. It was about 85 degrees in the house because he's cold from being sick all the time, so we didn't sleep very well and were up by 6 am. We drove separate from my parents because that allowed us about an hour of extra sleep after the drive out etc. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and not making it to the hospital till after they took my dad into surgery. So we couldn't see him till he got out. We walked around the city for hours visiting shops and I stopped at a few b&m's it was a good time. We went back to the hospital and having to wait some more. I doze off for about and hour then was woken up by a fire alarm. I guess part of the hospital had a fire... spent another few hours waiting for my dad to get situated in icu after surgery so my girlfriend and I could go in to see him before we left back to Ohio Monday night. I saw him on the ventilator completely knocked out and broke down for a few minutes told him I loved him and left (he couldn't hear me he was under anesthesia). We got back on the road to Ohio around 10pm and made it all the way past the Ohio border before trouble! I was going 80 on the Ohio turnpike where the speed limit is 70... and you guess it I get pulled over. Now I have never gotten a speeding ticket or been pulled over for speeding in my life to this point! I was smoking a cigar while I was driving as well! haha! The officer came up to the window told me I was being cited for speeding and asked where I was going... Not even how are you tonight sir or anything! I said ok gave my papers and sat back and waited for the ticket. He starts back to his cruiser and about half way there turns back comes to my car and asks me to step out.. before he ran any of my papers or anything! I oblige him and wonder wtf this is all about! He tells me to put my cigar on the concrete median and step against the median... I asked if I could put it back in the car where I have an ashcan which I would be more comfortable with, He says no and I oblige him by putting it down. (in my mind I'm thinking well that's a waste!) Here comes the fun parts... He asks me if I have any drugs on me... I said no. He asks again, same response... and for good measure he asks one more time... Guess what my response was? If you guessed the same as the first 2 times he asked your correct! So he makes me stand out there for a while then makes me sit in the car and starts sniffing around. Finds nothing of interest I guess and proceeds to tell me I was doing 80 in a 70 on the turnpike... Doesn't everyone? Anyway he gives me a hard time about anything he can then writes me a ticket for 83 in a 70 after telling me twice I was doing 80... wtf? Makes me sit in the car till my cigar is roached and then gives me the ticket and tells me to be safe! I was soooo frustrated with the whole situation! I just didn't understand why he felt the need to give me a hard time about everything. I even told him where I was coming from and why, and not a single twitch of understanding or sympathy... in fact I think he made him be more of an ***! So that ends my streak of life with no tickets! In summation WTF DSJFLHSDighweroghoerhioahjghlkahjkl! Thats how the trip made me feel! To top it off I got back to work today, and within 5 minutes cut the sheet out of my finger like an ***! I know it could be worse and I'm still a very lucky person, but sometimes life just makes we want to scream!

thanks for letting me vent,


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    Amos_UmwhatAmos_Umwhat Posts: 8,572 ✭✭✭✭✭
    hope things get better soon for you and yours, scream away! It doesn't accomplish much, but you may feel better.
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    webmostwebmost Posts: 7,713 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Don't play the lottery just now.
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