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Just finished a post in another thread and instead of hijacking the other thread I decided to post as a new topic here about my recent experience with "big business healthcare".

I started developing serious health issues with pain and muscle wasting in my feet about 6 months ago. Finally got to see a specialist this week. (yep, 6 months) He realized about 1/2 way through the appointment that there was something seriously wrong. So he tells me he needs to rush me into a room to do a quick test on me. The room wasn't his and he wasn't supposed to do it but he snuck me in anyhow. It's a nerve thing so he hooks up electrodes to me and it confirmed for him what he was thinking, that I was misdiagnosed because of a poorly done nerve conduction study.

So I endure 6 months of excruciating pain, making up a will, thinking I can't live like this and now the working diagnosis has completely changed into something that is treatable but... he didn't have time to run a full study on me to fully confirm the new diagnosis so the earliest I could get in for the new nerve conduction study is 6 weeks! In the meantime the doctors don't want to start any new meds or anything else until they can confirm the diagnosis! Then what? Another 2 months to see an orthopedic surgeon? He said I had completely 'lost' some muscles in my feet. Do I need to go into the emergency room in a wheelchair?

Thanks for listening, had to vent. If anyone else has run into crap like this feel free to hijack this thread!


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    Roberto99. Sorry to hear about your issues. I know the feelin. Are you a Vet. if so can you trace your problems back to the military? Let me know.
  • Roberto99Roberto99 Posts: 1,077
    Roberto99. Sorry to hear about your issues. I know the feelin. Are you a Vet. if so can you trace your problems back to the military? Let me know.
    Thanks, was married to a Navy nurse and lived on base for awhile. Found out later that part of it was closed down for a time due to radiation clean up. But that's a whole 'nother story! But no, not active duty military with environmental exposures etc. so don't think that is a factor. All I can think of right now is to focus on treatments to turn this around.
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    Sorry to hear about your issues. I'm sort in a boat like yours, taking on water. I had a lateral diskectomy last July. My PT person wondered why he went in at the level he did etc... Long story short, I can walk but not without pain so, I got a repeat MRI last month. This shows collapsing of discs(3 of them) above where I had the surgery. Now, referred to a surgeon but no available appointment until 5 weeks after the MRI was interpreted. Ughhh they won't change my meds for pain control or give me other options. I go to school and walking to places is difficult and time consuming. So, after I see this guy in June, then what? Is there an end in sight. For someone who used to be physically active, strong, loved to work outside..This Sucks!! I've been thinking of "other alternatives" as well... To tell you he truth, this place has helped me a lot. Keep us posted I'm pulling for you!!
  • Roberto99Roberto99 Posts: 1,077
    Yes, I will. Sorry to hear about your trouble too. Part of my difficulty is bulging disks but that is not the primary issue. My problem is complex and the Dr.s I had seen were all trying to fit it into one single problem to explain everything. The specialist realized that there are a couple of things going on, neither of them my original diagnosis. I feel like he is on the right track, but hasn't been confirmed yet so...

    You keep up the good fight as well. I'd rather stand beside someone who's experienced what live has to offer and survived than sit and listen to someone else's theories. It may not be what we want but it is all a part of it. Gotta keep some hope alive in the midst of the pain and do what you gotta do to get better. Make sure he's a good orthopedic surgeon. I used to work with alot of surgery residents, some were much better than others. That is my next step too.
  • Roberto99Roberto99 Posts: 1,077
    It has been awhile since I have been around here but have been dealing with health and home issues. Doctors feel they have my problems figured out now, so I am having surgery this coming week to relieve pressure on the nerves going to my feet. There has been severe muscle wasting and I am hoping that they will come back in time after surgery. No alcohol or cigars for some time now. I'm looking forward to the time I can rejoin the antics here and share a few cigars.
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    Good to hear that they have a potential solution. My dad lived with mystery foot pain for almost 20 years before they checked his back. Four surgeries later he's feeling better than he can remember. Hope you have the same results!
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    Just because you have a Dr. in front of your name doesn't mean you are smart. Three years ago I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. I was given a year to live. Today I'm enjoying a nice single malt scotch with my cigar. Arrogant idiots.
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    Speaking of arrogant idiots. My wife was in the hospital in ROME GEORGIA, Floyd to be exact and as a smoker she wanted to be unhooked from the heart monitors and walk all the way outside in the scorching heat to smoke. Her nurse and I came up with a solution that simply required a nicotine patch and a Xanax to ease the cravings. When the doctor was called and apprised of the situation his exact words were "Let her smoke, I don't care if she lives or dies"! When I got through with him he was a changed man! If my health weren't so bad myself, he would have been transported down to the trauma ward! His name in case some of you are local and need medical care is Quack Kill****. Yes I said quack in insult because he deserves the precursor to his name!
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