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Ok, I'm at it again ordering some different cigars. Previously I have tried the House Blends and such which only have the designation as far as say churchill and robusto simply being the physical construction and shape differences for the same cigar. Now I am looking at more  sophisticated cigars scratching my head wondering what the difference is between a Honduras, Sumatra and Maduro. Is this the different wrappers for the same cigar with the same filler to enhance a different flavor? If so what recommendations do you have for a good one?


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    Well first of all, Honduras is a country that grows tobacco and produces cigars, Sumatra is also a country, but more commonly it refers to a wrapper leaf grown there. Last is maduro, while it is a type of wrapper, it is more specifically a process to change the chemical make-up of a wrapper leaf...many different varieties of tobacco can be made into maduro tobacco through a different process of fermentation and curing.

    Now some cigars will use the same filler and a different wrapper to change the taste, others will alter the blend to work better with different wrappers.

    Recommendations for a good cigar? Or one specific cigar that meets the descriptions?
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    Sumatra is usually wrapper leaf originating from indonesia, which has its own flavor charicteristics, maduro is a leaf that is usually from the higher, thicker primings of the plant, and has gone through a specially extensive fermentation process which basically cooks the leaf and releases the sugars which usually creates a more mildly sweet flavor. and Honduras is a nation in central america known for priducing stronger, more round flavored tobacco and cigars.
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    A good route to go might be to try one of the atomic samplers.
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    A good route to go might be to try one of the atomic samplers.
    I'll second this notion and add that when you do get the sampler, spend some time researching each cigar. Ask people on here what their thoughts are on that cigar, and smoke your way through the sampler. This would give you a good idea of the flavor profiles of some different cigars, from something mild like the Gurkha's Park Avenue to the full bodied power house 601 Green Oscuro, if you go with the Scorched Earth Sampler.
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    read my "blending 101" thread
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    No matter how you go about it, this forum is the best place to learn about those things! So many BOTL with copious knowlege to drop on you!
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