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Devil Dog B&G Review

Welcome to the Devil Dog Bar & Grill. noted for its fine spirits, Cordial Atmosphere and Conniseurial delights.
Tonight I am reviewing Ramon Bueso Genesis the Project.
Tonight was Angus Chopped steak in 2/3 lbs Paddies done on the grill with onion and garlic powder blended throughout and done till the inside except for the very outside is warm and pink. Tony Sachere's is sprinkled liberally on each side before placing on the grill. Topped with Baby Ray's Barb. sauce laced with tobasco sauce.
Right after induging in this culonary feast and while the palate still rang with the after affects of tony and tobasco I parted for the porch with a Ramon Bueso Genesis the project. (just received from C.C).
The first draw was an experience. Almost immediately it smoothed out. I handed it to Treva an avid pipe smoker for her comment. "This is very smooth!!!). I believe I have to watch my inventory of this cigar. LOL
This is by far the best cigar I could have chosen to top off such a meal. Coupled with a good drink and enjoying the company of my Treva (She keeps hoggin my stogie); What more could a guy ask. The smoke is rich. plenty of it. Smooth, good draw. There was a split in the first inch of ash but went away as I got deeper into it. This was probably because it didn"t get any time in my Humidor. Right off the USPS jeep.I am still sittin here writing this review in total bliss. I recommend the Genesis Project to all my brothers out there.
Yes I did survive the Memorial weekend (not an easy one for me) and I'm back.


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