Cigar judging

Why are cigars of a single brand judged so differently from one size or shape to another? I can understand the burn and draw issues, but the tastes and aromas seem to be reported as different as well. Aren't they using the same tobacco?


  • Not all the time.... some times different sizes have diffent blends, even within the same brand. Also the shape has a big impact on the way the cigar burns and draws. i.e Smaller cigars with smaller ring gauges will allow you to taste the wrapper leaf "more" than say a robusto or toro. Also taste is subjective and sometimes even mood or situation dependant.
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    read the entire second page of my "blending 101" thread found in a link in my signature . that should explain a good amount of it.
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    Has anyone started a thread on the following: Blends that are meant to be the same over different sizes? Blends that are meant to be different over differnent ring sizes?
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    i dont think so. that would be almost as difficult a task as threads titled: "blends that use honduran tobacco" and "blends that use nicaraguan tobacco"
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