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Need help with dry cigars

Friend of mine gave me few cigars witch he brought form his trip to Cuba. The problem is that all three cigars weren't stored in humidor. They are dry and the wrapper is cracked or coming off in a spot or two. I'm not a cigar smoker and I have no humidor and also no knowledge how to fix my cigar problem. What should I do with the cigars? Is there any simple solution for me?
Please help me.


  • use a tupperware container...if you have no humidification device or hygrometer then it will be hard to know when they are right, it will just be guessing...i don't know of a gradual humidification method if you don't have any boveda packs or any water-pillows though....
  • ChevyChevy Posts: 61
    What should I do with the cigars? Is there any simple solution for me?
    Please help me.

    Yes send them to me, my address is 5331...
  • mikalsanmikalsan Posts: 53
    It really depends on how bad your wrapper problem is, you may have to repair it to get a good draw when smoking. As far as readying them without a humi? I would go with the tupperware. Use distilled water for sure. Fold a few pieces of paper towel and soak well with the distilled water and place in bottom of tupperware. Now figure out a way to put the cigars in the tuperware without having them come into contact with the papertowels. Leave in your closet for a few weeks and do not disturb them. Maybe every week or so, you can open the tupperware to make sure the papertowels are still wet. In about six weeks you can call up your buddy and share a re-newed cigar as a thanks for the dry sticks.
  • hahahaha, chevy, you crack me up...
  • Cigar-20073735Cigar-20073735 Posts: 19 ✭✭
    Swirl them in a glass of vsop
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