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C&C Roll Back Connecticut

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Dad loved grass. No, not that kind; that was me. Before that, when I was a tad, he liked to pluck a grass stem and walk round chewing it. Mom didn't like it; she thought it made him look like a hayseed. My sisters went "Eew! Is that one the dog peed on?" Me, I had to be a chip off the old block.

You had the two foot tall green stems sprouting beside the fence in the days before edgers. They were his favorites. Juicy on a dewy morning. You had the ones that shoot up overnight in the middle of the yard, with tops like palms. I dunno what you call them. Reddish color. Bit more of a lime tang, less sweet. They were my favorites. I still chew one from time to time.

So if you stewed up one of those reddish grass stems in cream, then you'd have a good idea what this Roll Back Connie is all about.


Next in the series of sticks Rain sent me. Very pale, even, Connecticut wrapper. Creamy light tan color. The head was about as lumpy as could be. The band was plain. It was glued to the wrapper so bad it pulled off a dime sized patch when I peeled it off. The binder beneath looked almost as pale. Couple of softer spots; but not soft. No discernible odor, wrapper or foot. No taste other than a slick creamy feel. For some reason, it looked very small; but the regular 5" x 50 gauge robusto I favor.

She uncapped very ragged. Had some clean up to do where the bits making the lumps wanted to fall out. But once cleaned up, I didn't get shreds after that. A medium draw. Grassy.

Lit up easily enough with one match toasting the foot. Cherry was bright and hot all across. Tremendous volume right off the bat. Creamy grass stew. Not a bite anywhere to be found. Smooth. A steady wavy burn. And that was it. Nothing special, no strange flavors coming or going, no burn problems, no buzz, no hassle whatever. Just a walk round the garage and smoke in peace smoke. A sit in the porch swing and watch runny babbits munching down by the fence smoke.

There's some good relaxation in this stick. If you like mild, this is mild done well. Could be stronger; but that's not what they were doing. It left me with a toasty stink finger. This morning's mouth tastes like cookie dough. No wheeze.

I give it three stars out of five.

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