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C&C Roll Back maduro

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Thursday we had a line of thunderstorms march through unreal. I beat it to the post office but I did not beat it back. As I stood at the counter mailing Medic's cask off to Reggie, here came an Earl Campbell squall: black, low, fast, burly, mean. Lightning absofreakinlootly unreal. In a car you ride in Faraday's cage; but on a motorcycle you are the lightning rod. Earl had those 38" diameter thighs, you recall. Look at your waist --- each thigh was that big. Power in that cat. So I stood out under the overhang waiting for the worst to pass. Long as I was standing there, I reached down into my rain pants and pulled out my cell phone to call Bearswatter. I knew that she and her pup would be cowering at home. They were -- hiding in the bathroom.

Boom rumble rumble. Crack! CRASH! Blinding. With a fizzle and a snitch my phone fried.

That was it. Could not get the atrix to boot. It would either boot loop until I yanked the battery or else it refuse to budge at all. Back to the office. Tried everything. Managed to mount the RAM chip and the memory card on my Linux box as drives. Grabbed what I could that way. But I discovered that whole directories were empty. Had to format the thing and restore defaults to make it start.

One of the directories that got wiped was my collection of cigar reviews under the RateMyCigar app. Gonesters. Everlovin last wunnathem.


Either I get to start all over again with a clean slate or else I can try and restore some from the reviews I posted here or else I can just rely on the site. Undecided. Thing is, when I am at the B&M, I do like to consult my notes. OTOH, who has tha time to recreate a hundred cryptic review notes?

Meanwhile, I still owe Rain a review of his C&C Roll Back Maduro robusto. So while I am figuring this out, here goes a brief one:

First I bound up five WebMost Uppowoc Perfectos in the garage and put them in the antique cigar mould. Having nothing but trouble trying to get them to draw right. While I waited for them to shape up, I yanked Roll Back from it's sleeve:

Just like the Roll Back conny, this maduro had a very lumpy head. But unlike the other one, there were no soft spots. Had plenty of conny veins; but none large. Looks like the same leaf quick forced. The FX Smith guy has a way to quick ferment his leaves like that too. Five days. Makes them evenly dark without blackwash. Like this. A bit of a salty sting to the wrapper. Burnt coffee taste. Wood odor -- not cedar -- just ordinary lumber. 5"x50. Plain band.

She uncapped easily. No shreds from under this lumpy cap. A firm draw. More of that burnt coffee taste.

I toasted the foot with the whighter and she fired right up. A guy gave me that lighter in return for a motorcycle windshield. I almost never use it. I have no idea why I'd need it. So I call it the whighter. But, boy, it torched this stick just right. Righter than a match would have done. Nice even flat cherry clear across the foot before I ever hit it. Then that first hit was big volume, bitter coffee and wood. Boom.

Now, I am no fan of maduros. They are not for me. But even if you are not a fan you can still determine to a certain extent whether a thing is done well or not. This was smooth. No sourness, no bite, Not so strong I couldn't stand it. Just the burnt coffee and wood thing is not for me.

The burn was even and slow. Volume was always plentiful. It would smolder patiently when I put it down. The garage smelled nice enough. Bearswatter came out to chat and never bitched once. As it went along, the wood disappeared. For quite a while it was just coffee. The retro was always woody. The finish was always strong black coffee. Then about mid-way, it turned to ashes of coffee, and that's something I did not care for that at all. However, just when it started getting obnoxious to someone like me who is not a maduro fan, why, over a matter of just half a dozen puffs, here came all this chocolate and saved the day. Ashes disappeared. Then wood disappeared. Leaving chocolate coffee, and plenty of it. This last third was a real relief. I started nursing the nub, which is always a good sign. The warmer the nub got, the more chocolate I got. If only it had been like this from start to finish! Another thing I am not a fan of is flavor changes. Get me some good flavor right off the bat and stick with it.

Even though it appeared to burn slow, it only lasted me an hour and a half. Because I was fooling round rolling cigars, I can't say much about the stinkfinger. Morning mouth is tasty, though. I'm enjoying my coffee with it now. No wheeze.

For maduro fans, I'd call this four stars out of five.
For fans of changes I'd rate this four out of five.
For me, just three.

“It has been a source of great pain to me to have met with so many among [my] opponents who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)

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