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CAO Mx2 Belicoso Video

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  • Well, this is one I had to respond to. Big Maduro fan and a CAO fan also, so I jumped in and bought a box each, just in Robusto and Toro sizes. Hugely dissatisfied. Taste was there, but not the jump out at you like I thought with a double maduro wrap. Construction was generally a disaster, and I just did not get a dud or two, almost the entire box, both boxes were lumpy. Too many hard spots and soft spots. Killed the burn, either flashed or went out. Canoed and dropped ashes early. I have had every CAO there is and these were the worst by far. I'll stick with Brazilia and the Gold Maduro. The L'Anniversaire and the Sopranos are just outstanding. Not sure what happened here. No MX deuces for me.
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