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Has anyone tried...

mgk2020mgk2020 Posts: 97
the McClelland's Royal Cajun line? Looking for thoughts and impressions. Thanks.


  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    There are 3 in the line, if I recall correctly. Dark, Ebony, and Special. My notes show that Dark and Special were not very impressive. Ebony was a little better, but I like VA/KY blends so that would be only natural for my taste preference. I could somewhat recommend the Ebony. It is a good mild smoke. You can get some complex flavors some notes that remind me of a good chocolate stout. Not something that I keep around but a good blend. The Dark would be the next best, IMO. It too has some complexity. The Special was very mild and the taste was thin. Flat, might be a better term for the overall flavor. These are just my impressions. Everyone's tastes are different. I hope this helps.
  • mgk2020mgk2020 Posts: 97
    Sounds fairly underwhelming. Reviews I read generally fall in line with your assessment, though were pretty wide ranging. I may still try the Ebony. I hear it's a rather unique blend, regardless of how successful it is. Can you think of anything else similar to it that might be better? Mason
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    If it sounds intersting I would try it. That is how you begin to find out what you like. I try things that I think I probably will not like and sometimes I am suprised. Taste is individual, what I might not like you might really enjoy.

    The uniqueness is that they are curing the tobacco in the same way that perique is cured. However, I think that they most likely don't keep it in barrels as long. This means that a good flue cured and pressed blend would have similar (better?) characteristics. I really don't think they have reinvented the wheel here. To my knowledge Mc. is the only co. to try this.

    Although no one will say that the process is exactly the same if I thought of a good flue cured VA it would be Sam Gawith's Full VA Flake. This is a straight VA no burley added. It can seem hard to find but if you are patient you should be able to pick some up I know its in now at least in one place.
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