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New to smokeing pipe need help!

I have only smoked a few bowls from my first pipe. I was looking to get a new pipe that looked different. I was looking around on internet, seen them on ebay and they are brand new pipes for only a few bucks($5-$10) compared to other places. Why is that, different type of wood/brand? What wood/brand is the best to use? Also should I use a differeny pipe for the different types of tobacco such as aromatic and english. I am in Afghanstan and hate to mess up the only pipe I have and wait weeks for a new one. Want to make one order and get it right. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


  • pilgrimtexpilgrimtex Posts: 429
    You in the Service?
    If so perhaps we can help get you some supplies including Cigars.
    The really cheap pipes are probably not using Briar wood. It is the only wood I recommend using. I've bought other pipes that weren't wood and they all wound up splitting.
    I'll send you a pm as to sources for pipes that you can trust. Also what are your preferences on tobacco?
  • I am not in the Service, I am just a contractor working on Military bases around Afghanstan. I have smoked cigars for many years now. The one I smoke the most is Natural-Dirt . I smoke many others as 5 vegas gold and Triple-A ,Davidoff Classic and many more. I know that is a wide range of strenghts but like all of them lol. I wanted to try a pipe as seems to give you a little more freedom of what you can smoke. I have only smoked Davidoff Green Mixture in my pipe I have now. It is a Briar wood pipe. I am doing the three step packing which I am only religihting about 4-5 times a smoke right now but hoping to get better on that.
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    When buying on ebay or any online site it is very important that they list the size of the pipe. Some of those dirt cheap pipes are also sport style pipes and as Walt said, not briar. If you are looking in the 5-10 range go with a cob. Good pipes can be found for around 50 and up. No real need to go above 100 unless it is for aesthetic reasons.
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    Sorry forgot to answer the number of pipes. To start with I would at least have 1 for aromatics and 1 for traditional types. You can later add pipes for specific types (e.g., VA, VA/Per, Lat., etc) as you want.
  • Thanks for all of this great information. I will be getting another pipe and more tobacco. Thanks again yall have really helped me!
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    You are welcome. Happy smoking!
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