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every since I started smoking cigars. I've just be craving them like crazy. I know im new to the group an all. im just going to start off small then work my way up. so do anyone be craving like me ?


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    Rice_CrispyRice_Crispy Posts: 42
    last one I had was Saturday night. boy.it felt good.
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    CigaryCigary Posts: 630
    This is a sure sign that this hobby is for you. Those of us who have been at this for years ( 48 for me ) remember when that "feeling" hit us and it's been a love affair that will never be quenched but that's ok...it's the pleasure it brings every time I have a great cigar. You'll go through periods of change...your tastes will change and it will evolve and you'll choose different types and that's all about the journey. It's not like a cigarette craving where your body feels the need for the nicotine...for me anyway it's the taste and relaxation I get from it because I've gone thru months or even up to a couple of years without having a cigar. Just beware that your wallet doesn't match up with your "craving" of cigars...there's a ton of brands to try and just take your time and enjoy it all.
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