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Looking to Chase My Dream Before Taking the Sure Thing - Cigar Rep Advise/Info Needed

First time poster, long time lover of cigars. Got started at a local Humidor in southeast Alabama and have been non-stop since. I'm 29, single, able to move anywhere at a moment's notice, and an absolute cigar freak.

My personality has always suited me for the sales world. Sales got me through college, help generate early income, and has eventually what I have returned to. I'm in the people business. I learn them, study them, and eventually sell them on whatever it is that I'm currently in.

It's been my dream for a few months to drop the career and get into the Cigar Rep Industry. My local cigar shop owners love it when I sit down and light up a smoke because they know that I'm going to sell a lot of sticks to anyone new that may come in. I don't get paid for it right now, but it's something that I dream about doing.

I just got offered a job in restaurant management by a pretty huge franchise chain. My people skills, background in education/sales/pr, and energy probably locked it in but before I do so I want to try to get into the cigar industry.

I'm ready to get my hands dirty. I'll go anywhere and love the road. I'm single and flexible so it all fits.

It's not what you know, it's WHO you know. So I'm just wondering, how does this Alabama alum get his foot in the door as a cigar rep?

Resume available on demand - all advice welcome and appreciated. Thanks for any serious posters giving me their 2 cents.

Puff on gentlemen. I'm about to v-cut a Drew Estate Natural myself on this South Alabama summer night.

Will Matthews



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    War, eagle...ahem...I mean roll tide, roll.

    You and I share a similar dream, Will. I'm going to try to do something similar in the near future and I wish you the best of luck. I would talk to your local tobacconist for leads. I get around the country a bit and make it a point to check out cigar lounges when I can. A fair number of the folks who own and/or run these establishments were once cigar reps themselves and for obvious reasons maintain relationships with vendor reps. Some of them have regular groups of friends who are vendor reps since these guys would generally hangout with one another after trade shows and the like.

    Having not looked into it much yet, that's just about where I'd start. I''d love to hear input from yourself and others since I'm having similar thoughts. This has potential to turn into quite an interesting thread, and I hope it does.

    Good luck in this adventure.
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