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Blue Labels

Just bought a bundle of the Blue Labels....never again..first too many veins..second, the taste is awful, in the middle is like smoking a mix of dry grass with mattress fill...
Really you get what you paid for....


  • Bob_LukenBob_Luken already sucked before joining forum,.....just sayin'.Posts: 9,287 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I can think of three that are called blue labels. Cigar.com blue labels? Blue Label cigars? Or 601 Blue Labels? Which is it?
  • stephen_hannibalstephen_hannibal Posts: 4,317
    I hope youre not talking about the Gran Habano Blue Label.
    That cigar was my go to for a very long time.

  • cigar.com, Blue labels, just an strip of some sort of blue cloth. Budget cigars. They come torpedo finish. Never again....
  • stephen_hannibalstephen_hannibal Posts: 4,317
    What you're describing is the Blue Label B2 and not the cigar.com blue label.

    I've never had the B2.

  • I didnt most of the cigar.coms house blends. The sun grown label tasted like raisins. But I did like the Cuban lable.
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