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EXTREME spice after eating!!

Lastnight I was smoking a Nicarao Seleccion Churchill that came in the CI cigar of the month. Now keep in mind that this was probably my 6th smoke of the day so my palette felt pretty raw at this point. Anyway, about halfway through it the wife informs me that dinner is ready so I purge the smoke and set it down.

Here's where things get interesting, after eating I return to relight after about 30min. to find this cigar has become extremely spicy. I mean my WHOLE mouth to the point I couldn't finish it. I like a little spice in my stick as much as the next person but DAMN!!

My question is this, did eating reset my palette so to speak or do some sticks react like this after sitting a bit then relighting?


  • curtpickcurtpick nunyobusynezPosts: 2,761 ✭✭✭
    Yes. It cleaned your palette.
    And considering the relight, maybe the first few tokes were "contaminated" but a purge on the stick would clear most of that after relight.
    I always suggest something to clean your palette when smokin stogies.
    If that be beer, bourbon, most any spirit, food, or even water helps.
    If your smokin 6 sticks a day there is, in my opinion ,no way to distinguish any differential flavors or those nuances of different sticks without cleaning your palette.
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