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Camacho 3M, DPG Blue, Tat, Diesel UC, etc.

The humidor cleaning continues. The first sale went smoothly so I am offering some more of the cigars I have too many of. Hopefully these will find a nice, new home. Prices include shipping with delivery confirmation. Here's what's for sale:

Camacho Triple Maduro ($30):
Camacho 3M
Camacho 3M 11/11, 1/12, 10/12, 10/12 and 11/12

Don Pepin Garcia Blue ($30): -sold-
DPG Blue
DPG Blue 12/11

Tatuaje ($35):
Brown Reserva Churchill 11/12
Brown Reserva CG 2/12
Havana VI Nobles 1/12
Havana VI PC 6/12

Diesel Unholy Cocktail ($30):
Diesel UC
Diesel UC 1/12

Random Assortment Sampler ($50):
RyJ 12/11
Emilio AF-2 5/12
San Lotano Maduro 4/12
5 Vegas 2011 10/12 MOW Armada 5/11
Casa Magna (not sure, over 2 years)
Four Kicks 5/12
Bueso 11/12

I'm not really interested in trades (except ISOM). I can do PP if that works for you. Feel free to pm with any questions. Thank you.


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