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Optimum Fullness

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There for a while, I had to sit on the lid of my humidor to get it to shut. I would shoot some uppowoc off only to have more uppowoc arrive than I'd shot or smoked. Then I'd shoot more stix off only to win a box of stix. This was getting ridiculous. The overflow even stuffed up the coolidor I used for leaf tobacco. Had to get a second cooler for leaves. Stuck my hand rolled and crappers in the coolidor. Still couldn't smoke down the humidor fast enough.

So last week I shot off three bombs, then promptly took a four day motorcycle camping trip, in the affable company of my alter ego Johnny Sotweedseed of course, who steadily sowed sotweed cylinders along the way. So now I return to what is finally a manageable humidor lid.

Lift the lid: Almost no odor. What? Used to hit me in the face. Now dramatically reduced. Did my nose die somewhere in Mountaineer country? Or does a humidor when pared down to say 80% of its capacity finally have a chance to air out so that the aromatic is way less potent?

Leads me to ask: What's the optimum fullness of a humidor, you think? What % full gives your stix the best chance to aerate?

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  • KingoftheCoveKingoftheCove Posts: 934 ✭✭✭
    Good question......probably too many variables to get a "correct" answer, such as:
    -cooler, or tupperware, or wood humi
    -how big is said device
    -what size/mix of cigars (fat cigars will have more "air space" around them than lanceros when stacked up)
    -how are they stored in said device (loose, in boxes, in trays, etc.)
    -what method of humidification is being used

    .....to name a few.

    I can see scenarios where a "full" cooler could have plenty of aeration for cigars it holds, and a 1/2 full wood humi having not enough.

  • RhamlinRhamlin WVPosts: 8,721 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I try to get as many in as I can without them being packed like sardines. I worry if they are too tightly bunched some of the thinner wrappers might split. Plus I always heard they need a little breathing room. But I have noticed that when it gets down to say 80% or less full the aroma is deminished.
  • CigaryCigary Posts: 630
    Optimum in any humidor is around 3/4 full. This gives enough room for the flow of the humidified air inside to reach each stick. Fill it to full and it inhibits that natural tendency to humidify. A general rule of thumb is never to overfill any type of humidor...keep it between 60 and 70% RH and if you keep your cigars in a closed humidor ( tupperware, cooler ) pop the top every week for a minute or so and let fresh air inside to continue the cycle. Another good idea for those who use tupperware and coolers like me...line the bottom and sides with cedar sheets so you get a transfer of aroma and the cedar helps keep the RH in the right setting. I keep cigars in cedar trays or in their cedar boxes which makes it easier to put in those coolers or tupperware.
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