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Midnight Ride

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So I have been getting a little tired of my present rotation and decided to add something new. Opened a tin of Dan's Midnight Ride this morning. The tin is just about 1 yr. old. I have to say that I was rather impressed. A very nice change of pace from by usual straight VA's, burley's and Lat. blends. This has Lat. but it is not a Lat. bomb. Rather the Lat. and Orientals balance out with the Orientals leading the way just a little. The VA's are soft and just a little sweet, which is nice as the Orientals add that great bitter finish so the sweet and bitter play with each other throughout the bowl. The perique is noticeable but only so. It provides a nice bit of spice that moves forward sometimes and at others stays in the background but is always present. This one is not one for thinking. I needed to concentrate on the blend to pick up all the flavors. I don't usually get this excited over a blend after just one bowl I will have to smoke several more before I decide if buying a pound will be worth it but right now I have to say when I find it in I will be picking some up for cellaring.


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    Sounds great.
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