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Diesel Delirium --- anyone had it?

jgibvjgibv Posts: 9,244 ✭✭✭✭✭
Was browsing the "big" brand list, dreaming about what I might get myself for Xmas, LOL.....and saw a listing for Diesel Delirium http://www.cigar.com/cigars/viewCigar.asp?brand=1682

Haven't seen or heard anything about this yet .... tried searching and no luck .... so I assume it's new?
Anybody have more info, review, etc?
I like the other Diesels I've smoked (haven't had the new ones HotD or Wicked yet) --- so I'm wondering how this one compares to the "original", "unlimited", "crucible".

* I have a new address as of 3/24/18 *


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