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My favorite daily smoke is the 1876 Reserve Churchill, so when I got an offer of 100 for $119.90 I jumped on it. Just received order only to find a drop in quality from past orders. They are smaller, darker, rough wrapper, and a different flavor. What a disappointment. Beware!


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    blurrblurr Posts: 962 ✭✭
    I don't usually smoke budget sticks, because consistency and quality are what you AREN'T paying for buying cheaper sticks. Sucks you have 100 if you don't like them, but you never know how a few months rest can improve a smoke. Especially considering another reason for the low price can always be that they don't post roll age so don't have to maintain inventory (which costs money). Not saying thats the case with these, but keep your hopes up that maybe they will improve after a bit of downtime. You never know.
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