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Newbie here!...Humidor, not sure if the hygrometer is correct...

I just started getting into cigars. So I'm a little wet behind the ears 'so to speak"...
My new humidor holds up to 100. Has a foam rectangle type humidifier and a glass hygrometer. Yes, I did the salt test before installing my hygrometer. I put a bowl of distilled water in it for a couple of days. I also put in a crystal jell caddy. The hygrometer held at 75% for a few days and then I put my smokes in it. I'm at 79% now and have been for a few days. A couple of my cigars have bulged a little at the foot. And a couple of loose wrappers near the caps. Only have around 30 cigars in my box. More on the way!
The cigars with those issues were in the top of the box where both humidifiers were. I put them in the bottom today and removed the jell caddy. To much Humification i think?
I have a digital Hygrometer on it's way.
Was the 79% just a little to much?(if it's even correct)

TIA for replies...


  • bigharpoonbigharpoon Posts: 2,963 ✭✭✭
    Yes, too much humidification. That's why your cigars are bulging, they are absorbing too much moisture. Most of us use beads which are two way humidifiers: when RH is low they give off humidity; when the RH is high they absorb it. Ditch the foam and get some beads or approved kitty litter which will keep your humidor in a more constant range. There are many threads which discuss this, look specifically for Catfishbulezz's thread about seasoning your humidor and the thread for good and bad kitty litter and order some (or beads which are the same thing but more expensive). For now remove all humidification and let your RH come down.
  • catfishbluezzcatfishbluezz Posts: 7,000 ✭✭✭
    I would order some beads personally, and go through a proper seasoning process. I prefer 65%rh, and i think anything over 70% will lead to problems associated with too much humidity. Toss the foam disc in the trash. check out heartfelt beads. I will bump my seasoning thread as well. You need a stable environment. Start over from the beginning with a digital hyrgo and proper seasoning and you will be fine.
  • ldmanldman Posts: 19
    Thanks guys.... Will do as you say ASAP!
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