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some late reviews

sorry my friends, I have been neglectful of this forum of late. it has been a hard time for me and my family so I haven't been on much and haven't been able to smoke much. but this is about the reviews so here it goes

I only have two right now and they are as follows:
Liga Privada's Papa Fritas- this was an amazing smoke. I was told that these guys were fashioned from the extra cut offs from t52s and a few other misc from the LP line and wrapped in a no.9 wrapper.(please correct me if im wrong) personally for me, and especially as of late, I don't have a lot of time to sit down for a long smoke, so when I got my bands on these I was so happy. they only last me about 30-45 minutes. they are a little peppery and have that awesome spice that I get from the other ligas ive tried. ive only had the t52 and no.9 ( no.9 being my current favorite cigar) I got a tiny bit of a head rush as I did with the t52 which I like. over all I have to say it reminded me of a t52 in a 9 wrapper. was a perfect smoke for me and I will buy more in the future as well as recommend them to friends. my local b&m had them for 24 bucks a tin . im sure they can be found cheaper online but I prefer to support local b&m when I can.

next cigar-
Man o War's little devil - I rather liked this cigar! I don't have much to say about it because everything I do have to say is exactly what I would say about an undercrown and I think I have given my review on that(amazing btw lol) this cigar was, to me, just like an undercrown. slightly different in its own way but as soon as I smoked it I thought of undercrown . would I smoke more? sure! it was good but to be honest I have easier access to undercrown so id probably just go with that!

please feel free to add your perspective of these cigars in the comments as these are my newbie descriptions lol and I would be pretty interested in your takes on them!

thanks guys and again sorry for being so neglectful to you all and my cigars :)


  • PAtoNHPAtoNH Posts: 429
    sorry to hear about your hard times but glad you found time to post a review or two. I'll keep these in mind next time I visit the B&M.
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