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Boveda packs (recharge)

zeebrazeebra Posts: 3,174 ✭✭✭
Hey fellas! Happy Holidays to you all. Been a while but wanted to share some info. Some might already know, some might not, but its new to me and hope it helps at least 1 person

I have heartfelt beads and shiala beads, and they have done their jobs...but I have to watch them still. I finally went and purchased the Boveda packs(large ones) and put them in my cooler. I still have the heartfelt and other beads still in there, but I have to say, these are the best product to keep your cigars fresh!

Yes they can get $$, but how much are your cigars worth? Exactly...

Now to help extend the lifespan of these packs, I saw that you can RECHARGE them! Yes, recharge them, as they are 2 way remember!! They are suppose to last about 4 months for the large packs before they harden up.

If anyone has additional information to add, please do so...

This is from a member named "piperdown" from another forum, so all credit goes to him....

"I'm sure the basics have been posted before but I thought I'd re-share how I recharge my heartfelt beads and Boveda packs.

I got frustrated years ago trying to recharge the beads with a spritzer or trying to gently dribble water on the beads so they wouldn't crack. Plus the few Boveda packs I had I wanted to reuse.

So, here's what I do. I've got a small airtight container that I put a smaller food storage container in upside down to act as a shelf. I fill the bottom of my airtight container with distilled water and place the Boveda pack or mesh sack holding the beads on the upside down container, which keeps it out of the water. After about 3 days (during warm weather) or a week (cooler weather) the beads/packs are recharged and ready to be reused.

So far I've been using the same beads and Boveda packs for over two years and they work just fine. I rotate the packs and beads as needed for recharging. I'll also point out that the only packs and beads that have to be recharged are the ones in my wooden humidors. The cigars I store in my lock and lock containers hold steady year in and year out."


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    robertgreen30robertgreen30 Posts: 2,105 ✭✭✭✭
    Great info thx
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    Lee.mcglynnLee.mcglynn Posts: 5,960 ✭✭✭✭
    Yeah I like too use boveda and beads together...keeps my rh right at 67. Once the beads get too dry and the boveda too inflated I just put the bovedas at the top for a while with no beads. I've had the same packs for years now and it's fool proof
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    catfishbluezzcatfishbluezz Posts: 7,000 ✭✭✭
    Problem is, they last about a week after you recharge them. Now on a side note, I have recharged them and had them last a month or so but only after recharging them for months in my Wineador.
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