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Humi-Care Black Ice tip(s)

I recently ordered and received a 4oz jar of Humi-care black ice.  Here are some tips for those looking to buy this product or who have already bought it:

1.  Upon first inspection it does not look like there is much humidification media in the segments of the jar...don't worry about this right off but do check to make sure the media is evenly distributed between the segments as their tops are not sealed and the dehydrated media crystals can slip through the holes in the top and possibly redistribute into other segments.

2.  Do not fill the jar segments more than half way when first adding distilled water.  The media is super absorbent and expands greatly....as others have noted the expanded hydrated media will overflow the top of the jar segment(s) if over filled.  Add enough distilled water to fill the jar segment half way and check in 15 to 20 minutes and add more distilled water little by little letting the jar sit to absorb the added water and then checking again.

3.  The tops of the jar segments with the holes are not a tight fit and can dislodge if the jar segment tips over.  While it would be ideal for our humidors to never need to be moved from where they are set up that does not often match reality.  To keep the contents of the jar segments from spilling out, should one accidentally tip over, put a little dab of hot glue in the top edge in a couple of spots to "tack weld" it in place.

4.  The 4oz jar segments are a bit taller than they are wide and can be prone to tipping over when moving cigars around in the humidor or if moving the box....there is a clear scotch tape that is double backed...this could be used on the faces of the jar segments to keep them in place in the corner of the humidor.

5.  If you are worried about the jar segment becoming burried in the humidor then use sticky backed velcro on the segment faces and the adjacent sides of the humidor to "suspend" the jar segments off the bottom of the humidor.

6.  If you do not need to use all 4 segments and plan to store some of them, the cap can be used to screw onto at least 3 of them to keep them all together....a dab of hot glue will help keep the jars from sliding around and dislodging while you are trying to get the top back on.  If you need to store 1 or 2 jars then head over to Michaels craft store and pick up a cylinder of wood or foam that you can cut to side to take up the space of the missing segments...if the wood is soft enough you should be able to get the cap to work...if not just shave the wood down a little bit so that it provides a good friction fit while the threads on the remaining segment(s) attach the lid.



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