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Davidoff Maduro R

OK so as I've said many times I'm not a big review guy but I wanted to put a little something out here about this stick.

First off its been in my humi since 8/25/08 so thats over a year of age. Second I paid $18.80 for this one stick and that was before SCHIP, thats a lot more than I'd typically spend on a single smoke. Finally I'm not typically a big Davidoff fan but when they released this guy just before my birthday last year I decided I'd pick it up.

This cigar is very typical Davidoff it has that musty/leathery flavor to it that in many of his smokes overpowers all other flavors in my opinion. However on this one it doesn't seem to do that. It has a nice nutty flavor that is almost one with the musty/leathery flavor and kind of mellows that out. It also has a nice spice that hits you right on the tip of the tongue. It is not overpowering at all either. Its also lacking any ammonia like flavor even through the nose which lets me know the tobacco is perfectly fermented and aged.

Its a dead on Medium bodied smoke in my opinion.

The burn hasn't been perfect but it hasn't been a problem either. The draw is perfect and the feel and look of the cigar are flawless as would be expected from a Davidoff.

My only issue with this smoke is an overall lack of complexity, I'm down to the last inch and a half right now and haven't expereinced any real change. The amount of spice hitting my tongue has varied in strength but it has been there the whole time as has the other nutty/leathery flavor.

If this was a 5-7 dollar smoke I'd be ranting and raving about it and buying a box to put it in my regular rotation. However, at $18.80 its just not enough to warrant it being a "Special Occasion" smoke. Once again this shows me my issue with Davidoff. They are a little to mild to be an after dinner smoke for me(which is when I most often smoke a cigar) and too pricey to justify smoking any other time. It would earn a fairly high rating from me if price was taken out of the equation but for an average guy like me price will always be in the equation.

If your looking for a very high end Maduro(which is completely lacking the chocolatey hints maduros are famous for) and prefer something in the medium body range grab one. However if you are like me, for $20 I could buy 2 cigars that I would enjoy just as much if not more.
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