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other cigar sites....

    what do you guys(girls) recomend?

where are some good deals and good info?

also im lookin to buy a humidor. a kinda small one like maybe round 50-75 whats do y'all think is a good one. or does it even matter?


  • What kind of a recomendation are you looking for? Another site to get cigars? I think as for a humidor it's you opinion of what you like. Meaning it's appearance. I do know that for you to make sure the humidor is made with Spanish cedar. Let me know if I can give you anymore help.
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    It sounds like this would be your first humidor....IMHO, I would absolutely consider purchasing a larger one to start with......I'm glad I did.
  • LarryDLarryD Posts: 59
    Ashmaster's word are true wisdom. If you don't get a larger one, you'll be buying another one soon. Take a look at ebay, but be sure to read the descriptions carefully. Cigar.com probably has the best customer service around...IMHO.
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    yeah my first humidor was the 20 holder of cigar.com...a week later i bought 150ct humidor off ebay...it works well and am now working on filling it up
  • jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 468
    For a humidor you can not beat the selection you will find on ebay. Most are scratch and dent factory rejects, 2 of mine were and as far as I can tell they are flawless.
  • ChevyChevy Posts: 61
    cheaphumidors.com has a great selection of "imperfects' or "factory rejects" check em out. I got my 200 count humi there for 129 a long time ago
  • Smoke=FireSmoke=Fire Posts: 692 ✭✭
    When sizing your humidor estimate what you think you will need then double that number, then add 50 more...and it will still not be big enough. Trust me
  • Big DeanBig Dean Posts: 120
    thompsoncigar.com has a lot of very nice humidors. Many of them are on sale.
  • btmislesbtmisles Posts: 125
    Definately plan on getting a larger one.  I recieved my first on (50 ct.) as a gift when I first started this "hobby" and soon after I was looking for more.  I now have a collection that I use to separate the age of my smokes.  Wish I just bought a large one right off the bat.
  • the experience of saving up and buying your first humidor is priceless. my first one was a "coolerdoor", you just take an igloo cooler and put your favorite smokes and some humidifiers in and your set. i like putting some cedar planks in mine to give it that smell. cedar planks are hard to find so usually i'll just use an old cedar box that i've smoked everything in it. i'll break it up and line the cooler with it. i'd also recommend cigar.com for getting a good small starter humidoor. they have good prices and because of their reputation for carrying only quality stuff, you can trust that you'll get something that your grandchildren will be able to put their cigars in, if cigars are still legal by that time. also, join their cigar of the month club, i guarantee you'll have more cooler cigars that no one else has or had or will ever had, if you do that. its just 29 bucks for 5 cigars a month. awesome! enjoy smoking and relaxing.
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