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Distilled Water?

What will happen if I don't use distilled water in my humidor? If I fill my sponge with tap water am I going to ruin all my cigars?


  • Distilled water has all the impurities removed thus decreasing the chances of mold by vast amounts. You might be able to pull it off, but why risk it? Any Walgreens, walmart, or maybe even a gas station near you has it. 3.00 a gallon maybe? The gallon will last forever!! Don't risk it buddy!
  • TatuajeVITatuajeVI Posts: 2,378
    Should be even less than that. My last gallon was 99 cents. And it probably will last for several years. No, it does not actually expire even if it says so, but I'll probably dump in eventually just cause I'm paranoid like that.
  • zoom6zoomzoom6zoom Posts: 1,214
    Yeah, under a buck a gallon. Not worth cutting corners here. What you don't use in the humi the wife can use ironing your shirts.
  • martymcg43martymcg43 Posts: 396
    used regular tap water for my first 20 count humidor. within a month or so, the round humidifier got a bit moldy. then switched to drymistat tubes. don't use tap water... it didn't do anything to the cigars but it may have if i would have kept using tap water...
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