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Well I have to give my thoughts on the Niners-Hawks game. Great game poor decision making. Loved the aggressiveness in the last 2 minutes for the Niners but honestly with all timeouts and ball in deep Hawk territory there was no need to rush a TD and try pass for one. Granted Gore was not having a spectacular day but your QB ran for over 100 yards already. Allow him to attempt a couple of runs give it to Gore a few times then go for the threat. I know the Coach was trying to throw them off by passing when there was no need but to pass to Crabtree under double coverage after only being back for a few months? Got to try and get it to a seasoned receiver that can if nothing else deny the defense an interception. Colin in his first full season starting did a great job but with this season done and gone in the off season he will be working on his decision making and getting the ball to different receivers. Great game on both sides, but if the Hawks want to compete against the Broncos they need to figure a way to stop Manning and score in the Redzone. The did not have a single touchdown in the Redzone and that will only equate to disaster. Can't comment too much on Broncos-Pats game as I was only able to catch the tail end and by that time the game was done. Great season Pats having to overcome an enormous amount of adversity and my guarantee for next season is they will reign Superbowl champs once again. Broncos great season so far and you are my pick (-10) for the Superbowl so don't let me down. Oh and side note we will see who the better Cornerback is come February 2nd. Sherman has opened a can that I don't believe he could handle, especially with Bailey on the other side of the field.


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