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Cigars comparable to Drew Estate's Cafe Con Leche

RedRex06RedRex06 Posts: 155
So, I very recently got into cigars. just bought myself a humidor that will hold 20-50 or something like that, which will be more than enough for a long time. So far, my absolute favorite (out of the 3 I've tried) has been the title cigar, the Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche by Drew Estate. Simply superb.

I'm curious as to what else is comparable? My local cigar shop wants almost 10/each for them, and I can't seem to find any other cigar shops so I'm going to order online. I see that you can get boxes of them for about 6.15/each which is totally cool, but I thought I might branch out just a tad into other makes of cigar, or models under the same make, that share the coffee-infused aspect. I love all things coffee, and I've done some bidding on things that list "espresso bean" in their flavor description.

What are some of your favorites that would make you put down the Drew?

Also, Hello! first post, I'm in Denver.


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    alienmisprintalienmisprint Posts: 3,964 ✭✭✭
    Welcome to the forums! If you dig the coffee flavor, check out Isla Del Sol. They are made by Drew Estate as well, but are considerably cheaper. They are a bit more flavored and sweeter than the Tabaks, but still a very good smoke for the price. You also may want to try Kopi Luwak by Oliveros; they are a very solid coffee-flavored cigar that won't break the bank.
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    honorknight7honorknight7 Posts: 523
    I love the Tabak's as well, Drew Estates also make a couple other coffee sticks, the "Java" line is good, and there is the "Isla del Sol" , also on a cheaper note sometimes I will get "Dolce Vita's" - - there not as quality controlled though, I tend to get 2 not bad but not great out of every 10-12 on average, and I only get the "light" version because the "dark" versions are usually a Very tight draw.
    hope that helps a little, you can usually find "coffee" type non flavored good cigars also (i'm sure there several members here that can give you a list of some) :)
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    RedRex06RedRex06 Posts: 155
    I'm certainly open to non-infused cigars, but after having the Cafe con Leche and then going to an... Olivia? I don't recall, but it was only $6.15 at the stupid expensive cigar shop I found, so I'm sure its cut-rate. I did NOT enjoy it and it was a chore compared to the Drew Estate's model. Thanks, as well, for the ideas on other cigars, I went ahead and plopped the Coffee Sampler from this website into my cart so we'll see how it goes once I get my humidor in.

    I'm curious as to how a cigar can be unflavored and still taste like coffee, but that sounds excellent as well!
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