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EoLEoL Posts: 182
I was just in with the vherf and quickly found out, as I walked away cuz my girl wanted to talk, came back and taythegibbs said that there was some discussion on me. No one knows me at all.

This is fairly obvious cuz I am so freakin new. So i figured a quick intro thread is due.

My name Is Jacob P. I currently live in Orlando, FL. Just moved down from Los angeles and am pretty brand spankin new when it comes to cigars. I started about a month ago and have been quickly introduced to so much. Smoking almost daily (2 tonight haha).
I work for disney currently, but will be goin back to the west coast to finish up school at the start of summer.
Learning so much about cigars so quickly means I am super slow when it comes to it when people ask what I like... I am just trying to taste a little of everything.

A little more about me, I am 21. I LOVE a good rum and some delicious beer. I was started with nice beer and also started with nice cigars. I am quite ridiculous and weird.. but whatever.
Anyway, I am here to learn and to be schooled about everything. Have any questions, shoot them at me. Have any suggestions about anything? Throw them at my face. The whole subculture that I have learned about with cigars and how such community can come with it is phenomenal.
yeah thats me.


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    bearbbearb Posts: 1,128 ✭✭✭
    While i wasnt in the eherf...so what! But welcome to an amazing place.
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    honorknight7honorknight7 Posts: 523
    Don't know if I said or not yet, Welcome Eol (Jacob), I'm fairly new here myself, names Steve. I haven't Vherfed with you all yet (to damn cold after 5 here so will have to wait till summer to drag the lap top out back to join in.
    A Great place this is , Stay you should
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    dandin1dandin1 Posts: 175
    Welcome Jacob, good to have you here. I am very new to cigars and this forum as well, but everyone here has been great so far. Stick around, I know I will be. Good idea with the intro thread too. Been thinking I should do that.
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    Puff_DougiePuff_Dougie Posts: 4,599 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, Jacob. I'm pretty new to this place too. The comraderie in the cigar community truly is a wonderful thing. The cigar hobby is a social hobby, and those who appreciate good sticks love nothing more than sharing the experience with others.

    Looking forward to getting to know you, and the rest of the brothers here.


    P.S. I'm a 50-year-old husband and father from Pennsylvania. I'm a financial advisor and have been smoking cigars for about 10 years, but more serious about the hobby over the past 2 years or so. Also love good brew, but not much on rum.
    "When I have found intense pain relieved, a weary brain soothed, and calm, refreshing sleep obtained by a cigar, I have felt grateful to God, and have blessed His name." - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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    catfishbluezzcatfishbluezz Posts: 7,000 ✭✭✭
    Hey bro....do you even noobie intro thread? ;)
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    RainRain Posts: 8,958 ✭✭✭
    Do you?
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    smoke_em_if_you_got_emsmoke_em_if_you_got_em Posts: 4,992 ✭✭✭✭✭
    There's a newbie welcome thread...just sayin'
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    EoLEoL Posts: 182
    Hey bro....do you even noobie intro thread? ;)

    bro I noobie intro thread with the best!

    great time tonight at the vherf. Def ganna be doing that more.

    thank you all so much for the warm welcome and trust me, I won't be goin anywhere for a while! :)
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    taythegibstaythegibs Posts: 2,025
    smoke em if you got em:
    There's a newbie welcome thread...just sayin'
    why bother searching?
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    roland_7707roland_7707 Posts: 2,833 ✭✭✭
    Welcome, most of the time, this place is the best.
    One God, One Truth
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    flowbeeflowbee Posts: 1,203 ✭✭✭
    Welcome Jacob, I am a newb also!! this is a great place to be my friend!!
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