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Minnesota Cigar/Pipe Tobacco Lounges

Are there any good pipe tobacco/cigar shops in Minnesota? One where you can relax and enjoy an indoor smoke and drink?


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    Chuck_NChuck_N Posts: 1,088 ✭✭✭
    If your from Central Mn. Tobacco Grove is probably the closest. Its in Maple Grove. Cigar and pipe lounge, no alcohol ,but you can bring in pop or whatever. Others include Burn in Burnsville Perfect Ash in Mendota Hgts. Smokedale 3 locations Fuejos, but its a private club
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    MarkerMarker Posts: 2,524
    Up in the Moorhead direction, no. Chuck pointed out some good ones in the MPLS area. Golden Leaf in downtown Minneapolis is nice as well. Prices are painful but so is all of MN. Not sure of St. Cloud or anything close to you Christian. Some Casinos in MN had smoking areas if I remember. You are close to a couple of those or not?
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