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Christian Eiora Liberty Humidor issues

Hey all, I have been surfing around the forums for a while taking in all the good stuff out there. I have been smoking cigars for about 10 years now, but just recently opted to get a bigger humidor to store a stash in (it's my wife's fault, she got me a little 10 count travel humidor for our honeymoon - which obviously isn't big enough).

I didn't want to get a piece of crap from China, so I found a Christian Eiroa box online from the Liberty series. I liked the art on the box, and figured for such highend cigars, this would work well as a humidor.

Top of humidor:

The issue is that after seasoning, the humidor just won't keep humdity at the proper level - so I wanted to see if you all had any suggestions/feedback as to next steps I could try.

After reading through all the feedback on the forums regarding seasoning and the different methods, I settled on using the Boveda 84% packs - I threw 3 of them in there for 14 days. At the end of the seasoning period, my hygrometer (calibrated using the Boveda kit - it's 1% off) read 72%, so I loaded it up.


After a bad experience with the hocky puck, I opted for 72% Boveda packs for my humidification element as well. I have 5 large 72% packs in there now, +3 water pillows I threw in after humidity plummeted to 60%. Right now I am holding steady at 64% (since the hygrometer is low by 1%). The lid shuts with a nice whoosh - so I think I have a relatively good seal (I added the plastic wrap on the offchance that the seal wasn't good - but it doesnt seem to make that big a difference). We live in NY and have steam heat, so between the heat and the winter weather we have had it's definitely been brutally dry in the apartment to begin with.

So - the question is - do you all see any issues with sitting at 64%? The second question is should I switch over to a bead system instead, as I really don't want to be buying 5 Boveda packs (or rehydrating and rotating back and forth) constantly. I was looking at the pucks from Heartfelt at whatever % makes sense. Or, is the issue more related to external conditions and I can ride it out til the spring and then should see things normalize.

I really appreciate your suggestions here - I hate to burn through $ trying to find an optimal solution when I am sure someone here has already faced the same issue and resolved it.



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